We have made a selection of films, where he played Jim Carrey. These films need to make a list of those that need to review the whole family

A scene from the movie “ACE Ventura”

17 Jan in the distant 1962 born actor, comedian, screenwriter and film Director Jim Carrey. Probably not such viewers who have not watched such movies as “the Mask,” “Dumb and dumber” “ACE Ventura: pet detective” with his participation.

We have made a list of the movies in which Jim Carrey played a great role.

“Bruce Almighty”

All too often showed discontent with actions of God journalist Bruce gets from his absolute power. He soon realizes how difficult it is to be God. He loses his beloved, loses faith in himself.

“ACE Ventura: pet detective”

Detective ACE Ventura is assigned to find a Dolphin named snowflake – the mascot of the football team. People remember his smile, jokes and love for animals? Rather to watch this movie.

“The mask”

One-man band. It became known as Jim Carrey after this film. It is noteworthy that at first the Director wanted to shoot a dark horror film, but with Jim he wanted to do Comedy. So, Bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss – a typical loser. But one day he finds an ancient mask and becomes a superhero, however, is quite eccentric, cartoony look.

“Dumb and dumber”

Two silly friend Lloyd and Harry find the diplomat left the beauty of Mary. They think she left it by accident, but actually is done on purpose – there is a ransom to bandits for the stolen husband.

“Penguins of Mr. Popper”

The life of a businessman Mr. Popper’s change after he inherits 6 charming and incredibly prolific penguins. They live in his apartment, playing with children, very fond of his master.

“Lemony, Snicket 33 accident”

Three children in one day he lost his parents and home. At Baudelaire orphans were only uncle, the strange Count Olaf. In his house they become servants, but in the meantime he’s up to some mysterious plan. Orphans are the keepers of secrets, and they need to disclose it before uncle.

“Fun with dick and Jane”