Alex Hahli already apologized to the fans of the club.

Footballer of Lviv Carpathians and world champion in the national team of Ukraine U-20 Alex Hahli was reprimanded in the club because of the scandal with a photo of the Soviet flag with the image of Vladimir Lenin on his page in Instagram. The joke was timed to the birthday of the grandmother of a football player, which 1 may have turned 76 years old.

In the Carpathians immediately after the incident, apologized to fans for the behavior of the player and the player strictly warned.

“The football club Karpaty considers unacceptable any photos where the players pose in front of the alien symbols. Alex Hahli, who allowed himself unworthy act, he was warned and informed of more serious sanctions in case of repetition of such events. Football – a public person has no right even on social networks to harm the reputation of the club. In addition, players of all ages will be interviewed about the inadmissibility of such actions”, – reads the statement of the club.

The player himself admitted his guilt: “there Are appropriate jokes and inappropriate. My last posted photo is from the category of inappropriate jokes. I apologize to anyone insulted”.

According to the materials: