Vladimir Brynzak talked about personnel changes in the Ukrainian team.

Slovak specialist Juraj Sanitra previously 4 years working with the men’s national team of Ukraine became the head coach of Ukraine with the new season. Such information was announced by the President of the biathlon Federation of Ukraine Volodymyr Brynzak in an interview biathlon.com.ua.

“We came to an agreement with Juraj Sanitray that he will lead the men’s and women’s teams. To discuss the possibility of combining these, we began last winter, including during the world Cup. From Juraj was doubt, to the extent that for some time he even thought about stopping in Ukraine, due to the fact that because of the quarantine and closing borders is not yet able to come and work directly with the athletes. But then we still managed to come to what Juraj will remain to work with us,” said project Manager brynzak.

Assistant Sanitary for the men’s team will be Alex Kravchenko and Roman prima, who previously worked with the team B. the team with Sonitrol will work Igor Yashchenko and Olexander bilanenko. Coaching the men’s B team will be Nikolay Zots, women will be headed by Ilya Lopukhov. Grigory Shamrai will continue to work at home, and will be engaged in the training of young athletes.

In the main men’s team consisted of 7 athletes: Dmitry Pidruchny, Artem prima, Anton Dudchenko Sergey Semenov, Ruslan Tkalenko, Bogdan Tsymbal, Taras lesyuk.

In the B team for the season will be prepared Andriy Dotsenko, Artem Tishchenko, Vitaliy Trush, Ruslan Foreman and Roman Borovik.

More interesting is the situation in women.

From Juraj to prepare from the women’s team – Valya and Vita Semerenko, Yulia Zhuravok, Darya blashko and Catherine Bech.

Team B included Nadezhda Belkina, Olga Abramova, Anna Krivonos, Jan Bondar, Anastasia Rasskazova, Oksana Moskalenko. Plus the team can work Irina Varvynets, which resumed training after the birth of a child, but still brings his form to the compliance team.

“Julia Jim and Olena Pidhrushna has expressed a desire to train with the Uros Velepec. But while there are certain nuances and complexity, and we continue to negotiate on this issue.

Anastasiya Merkushyna will continue to prepare with the father. Maybe they will spend more time with team B, because there is a good rapport with Nikolay Zots, who will lead the second team. I think it would be a good option for Nastia. In addition, it is planned that a part of the duties of the A and B teams will hold together, because to be able to compare the condition with other girls, to the doctor’s advice, working with therapists…” – said project Manager brynzak.

The team will begin training on June 1 in Sanok. As for team B, then it is expected that the athletes will leave from early – may 15-18, and will begin preseason work in Chernigov, and then I’ll go on a joint training camp with the first team.

“Fees outside of Ukraine while planning is impossible, because it is not yet clear when and in what ways will the opening of borders. And the whole situation with the pandemic coronavirus have made radical changes in the process training team. Let’s start with the fact that after making changes to the state budget for this year of 50 million, the previously planned, now we are left with only 4.5 million. We can plan with this budget? It is clear that now have to prepare only in Ukraine. But talking about a full-fledged training in such conditions is not necessary.

Plus – in connection with economic difficulties caused by the pandemic, the company JETS have been warned about the suspension of their sponsorship obligations for a period of one year. Also a big question and support from the other sponsors… in short, the season will be difficult and will work in very harsh conditions,” – said the President of Federation of biathlon.

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