Photo: Invaluable a painting by a famous Dutch artist found at a flea market

The man bought the painting in the store are used items and sold for 30 thousand Euro.

In the Netherlands, a local resident has sold at auction for a painting bought for a pittance, 400 times more expensive. It is reported

A resident of the Netherlands Henk Laermans found in the shop of used goods canvas rural landscape. The man bought it for 75 euros, but I suspect that the picture may belong to a well-known artist.

After reviewing the monogram with the letter A in the lower right corner and the patch on the reverse side of the canvas, Laarman decided to give the painting to the assessment specialist.

Ekspert TV show Tussen Kunst and Kitsch found out that the painting of the Dutch artist of the early twentieth century Johannes Artcom.

Photo: Invaluable

Photo: Invaluable

The owner put the painting up for auction and helped her 400 times more than we paid 30 thousand euros (approximately 960 000 UAH). The painting was bought by an anonymous collector from the Netherlands. Cloth is compared to van Gogh and Mondrian.

Previously found Picasso painting stolen six years ago. The loss of value of about 800 thousand euros found in Romania.

It was also reported that the artist drew Keanu Reeves and got his answer.

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