Now, deputies are waiting for the continuation of work on the document, after which a final decision

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The Verkhovna Rada as a basis and generally supported the presidential bill on the abolition of parliamentary immunity and to determine the modalities for further work on the document. For this decision voted by 274 MPs.

Thus, until 19 October, the MPs can still make suggestions and changes to the bill. The committees on rules, budget, anti-corruption, European integration can make suggestions to the document until November 7, 2018 (inclusive).

Provided that the legal Committee should study the proposals and amendments to the bill and to arrange the provision of people’s deputies of the documents stipulated by part three of article 150 of the Rules of BP, in the period until 21 November 2018 (inclusive). The consideration of the bill on amendments to article 80 of the Constitution of Ukraine (re immunity of people’s deputies of Ukraine) may occur no sooner than seven days after submission of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of the relevant conclusions of the committees of the Parliament.


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Note that together with the presidential also considered the parliamentary draft law “On introducing amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine (regarding the abolition of parliamentary immunity)”, which. However, the document was supported by 213 deputies.

We will remind that in October of 2017 is delighted to have launched the process of removing the immunity, supporting both documents. It is proposed to delete from article 80 of the Constitution a provision that people’s deputies are guaranteed parliamentary immunity. The President also wants to remove the item that is not allowed to prosecute, to detain or arrest MPs without the consent of the Verkhovna Rada.