The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine said that Kiev knew about the practice of the Hungarian Consulate


Today in Hungary there are two ways: to prove that video results in the Hungarian General Consulate in Beregovo in Transcarpathia – fake, or to take action right now.

This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin, commenting on the scandalous video of the Consulate General of Hungary in Beregovo with the issuance of Hungarian passports to citizens of Ukraine.

According to the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry, “really – just a second”.

“We knew that it happened in the Hungarian Consulate in Berehovo, warned our Hungarian colleagues, but the video is already proof. Proof of this is impossible to be silent it is necessary to react. How we will do it, I understand. But the Consul will go somewhere in Budapest or any other Hungarian city. But in fact he is a cog in this whole diplomatic structure” – Klimkin said in a video message published in his Twitter account.

As assured the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, he genuinely wants to help the Ukrainian citizens of Hungarian origin, and personally a lot of trips in Transcarpathia, there is a lot of contact with representatives of the local population and understands, “when they weigh wall clock with an average time (and, respectively, Hungarian), hanging out the Hungarian flag as a symbol of national identity, but nevertheless!”.

“We really have only two options: the first is a true collaboration, and the second is expensive to nowhere. I know what we should do. The choice, of course, for our Hungarian counterparts, but one thing we will conduct is very consistent: every year there will be more of Ukraine is in Berehovo, and we will surely achieve,” said Klimkin.

As earlier reported, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry, in comments to the website “Today” reported that the domestic foreign Ministry familiar with the situation in Beregovo , Transcarpathian region with the issuance of Hungarian passports to citizens of Ukraine, and the oath of Ukrainians allegiance to Hungary, and the matter is now under consideration by specialists of the Ministry. Moreover, if this information is confirmed, Kiev will prepare and announce an official position on this situation.