In social networks said about death Shachko

Photo: oksanashachko / Instagram

Telegram-channel Paris Burns reported that on July 23 in Paris committed suicide one of the founders of the movement Femen, artist Oksana Shachko.

“Oksana Shachko (one of the founders of Femen) committed suicide today, July 23, in his Paris apartment. Only the French police took her body for examination. Oksana left a note in English addressed to the Paris Bohemians, with whom she recently spoke tightly, “You’re fake”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that for two years Shachko tried to commit suicide twice, “the third attempt was successful.”

Screenshot: @parisburns / Telegram

The organization of the “SHE” in Facebook on 24 July, said that channel Paris Burns leads Shachko familiar, but the name was not called. They noted that the leader of Femen Anna Hutsol confirmed information about the death Shachko.

УШЛА ИЗ ЖИЗНИ ОКСАНА ШАЧКОНесколько часов назад наша знакомая из Парижа написала в своём Telegram-канале…

Опубліковано РФО «ОНА» Понеділок, 23 липня 2018 р.

On the official website of Femen about the suicide of the artist is not reported.

On the page in Instagram Shachko July 20 published a photo with the inscription in English “You are fake”.

Does, polirani Oxanashachko (@oksanashachko) 20 Lip 2018 R. 9:26 PDT

Shachko was born in Khmelnytskyi in 1987. Along with Hutsol and Alexandra Shevchenko Femen was founded in 2008. He traveled to France in 2013, where he received political asylum and was engaged in painting.