In Femen said that the Shachko body found 23 Jul

Photo: oksanashachko / Instagram

One of the founders of the movement Femen and his former contestant, artist Oksana Shachko had committed suicide. This “BBC News Ukraine” on 24 July, said the co-founder of Femen of Alexander Shevchenko and activist Inna Shevchenko.

The publication notes that on the morning of 24 July, the leader of Femen Anna Hutsol was unable to confirm information about the death Shachko and said that for the first time about it hears.

Later, the suicide was confirmed Shachko, Inna Shevchenko, and after some time – Alexander Shevchenko, who lives in France. Shevchenko noted that the body Shachko found in her apartment in Paris on 23 July, and the last time she was seen alive the evening of July 20. The activist also confirmed that the artist left a suicide note “You’re all fake”.

On the death Shachko first reported by Telegram-channel Paris Burns on July 23. In motion, “SHE” said that it is a friend of the artist and that Hutsol supposedly confirmed data about the death of the cofounder of Femen.

Shachko was born in Khmelnytskyi in 1987. Along with Hutsol and Alexandra Shevchenko Femen was founded in 2009. He traveled to France in 2013, he received political asylum and was engaged in painting.