On Google maps the Crimean bridge noted in the Ukrainian language

The service does not allows you to route from Taman to Kerch through the bridge

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On Google maps the bridge across the Kerch Strait was signed in the Ukrainian language. From the Taman Peninsula bridge signed in the Russian language, but directly closer to the Crimean Peninsula, you can see the inscription “Krimsky Mist”.

photo: most.life

However, Google Maps does not allow you to get directions from Taman to Kerch through the bridge, recommending the resort to ferry terminal.

The construction of a bridge connecting Crimea with the mainland of the Russian Federation, began after the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014.

The automotive part of the Crimean bridge is divided into 4 bands. Bandwidth traffic artery is 40 thousand vehicles per day. Maximum speed – 90 km/h. the movement of the truck will launch on 1 October. In addition, the bridge is the construction of the railway, designed for passenger and freight transport. The opening of the railway line is scheduled for December 2019.

On 20 June the media reported that since the opening of the bridge across the Kerch Strait, may 16, it passed 508 thousand cars, including about 5 thousand regular vehicles.

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