Malkovich doesn’t know how many people in Hollywood know about the war in Ukraine

Photo: EPA

In Hollywood and in the United States know little about Ukraine in General and about the war against Russia. In an interview with TSN, published July 2, told the Hollywood actor John Malkovich.

“During these years, Ukraine has remained a white spot as if someone wiped off the map. In the minds of the Hollywood community trump and Russian conspiracy. This year I tried twice to talk to them about Ukraine. No one wants to talk about it. I don’t even know what percentage indifferent in Hollywood knows what happened here in 2014 and what is happening now. But I’m not a Hollywood actor. I’m not like them,” said Malkovich.

He added that he hopes the breakthrough information in relation to the Ukrainian events.

“Frankly, I doubt it. It is not only your problem, this is a systemic problem of our reality. Because a billion – Yes where there! even two billion people have not only access to information but also the opportunity to upload, in the consciousness of society, different information. And it is mostly false information. The result – two months in Hollywood with me, no one talked about the war in Ukraine”, – said the actor.

Malkovich said he would support a film project about the war in Ukraine but stressed that this is not a simple matter.

July 1, Malkovich acted in Kiev at St. Sophia square under the big concert.