Ognevich: People are taught to divide the world into black and white, but it’s not

Photo: zlata.ognevich / Instagram

34-year-old Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich on his page in Instagram comments on the reaction of a social network application residing in Russia, the Ukrainian TV presenter Regina Todorenko about the causes of domestic violence.

According to the singer, the experience of Totenko she was convinced that the line between love fans and Haight too thin.

“People are taught to divide the world into black and white, but it’s not. Personally, I have always been interested in not what man says, why he says it,” said Ognevich.

However, she stressed that she was against violence in any form.

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In in ostanni pondus, that POV Asan iz the zvernennyah @reginatodorenko schodo domashnyoho violence, I shte times perilous in fact, the yakoy thin ye thoroughly mizh Haight I Lyubov’yu suspilstva… Media privchat people dlite world in black nd white, ale W TSE SOSM not! Osobiste meni always curiously not lyudin SCHO kazhe and chomu won so kazhe! Of course, my position in this pitann clear – I’m AGAINST violence domashnyoho over whether Kim have the fact including th hatmi tarinai Ale before Tim Yak kogos salavati on wahnish Pravdi,- Perera, Chi You dostatno for coho wagny #ZlataOgnevich #ZO

Publication of ZLATA OGNEVICH (@zlata.ognevich) APR 26, 2020 at 1:03 am PDT

Ukrainian TV presenter Regina todorenko in an interview with PeopleTalk called mentally ill women who are publicly talking about the fact that they are beaten by their husbands.

The leading statement drew criticism on social networks. This forced Todorenko to comment on your own statement already in conversation with the editor of Glamour magazine Ilyana Annieway.

“The first item in psychological research is the fact that a woman likes to be a victim. The woman was raped, like to be a victim,” – said Todorenko. Later on his page in Instagram she apologized “for the incorrect wording”.

After the resonance of the statement presenter of the Russian representation of the company PepsiCo has suspended an ad campaign in which Todorenko participated. Following them from the services of the presenter refused, Procter&Gamble, which owns the Pampers brand.

The soloist of the Ukrainian group “Neangely” Glory Kaminska, commenting on the statement Todorenko, said that the problem concerns not only the victim and the aggressor.

Ukrainian actress Dasha Malakhov considers the topic of domestic violence is too complex to discuss it in the “not burdened by intellect Instagram”.