Kim Jong UN didn’t appear at public events April 11

Photo: EPA

DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN may not appear in public for fear of Contracting coronavirus. About this 28 April at the parliamentary hearings, said the South Korean Minister of unification Kim Yong Chol, told Reuters.

In South Korea the day before informed that they found no “suspicious movements” in North Korea. According to the official Seoul, Kim Jong-UN is “alive and well”, it is situated near the resort city of Wonsan.

Kim Yong Chol, who oversees relations with North Korea, said that the absence of Kim Jong-UN at ceremonies is not unusual. After coming to power, Kim Jong-UN really did not miss the ceremony on the anniversary of the birthday of the grandfather of North Korean state founder Kim Il-sung, “but many of the activities on this occasion, including celebration and Banquet was cancelled due to concerns about the coronavirus,” said the Korean Minister.

According to Kim Yong-Chul, from mid-January were at least two cases where Kim Jong UN wasn’t on the public for almost 20 days. He believes it is “not surprising, given the current situation with coronavirus”. The Minister called a fake information that the North Korean leader had surgery on a heart, and that Chinese doctors went to North Korea for consultations.

In KDNR said earlier that cases of infection with coronavirus in the country not recorded, but the United States believes this statement is a lie. The commander of American forces in South Korea General Robert Abrams said that the North Korean authorities in late February – early March “has taken draconian measures” at the border crossing and in military units to stop the spread of infection.

Kim Jong UN dead or still alive? What is known about the “death” of the leader of North Korea. The main thing

The last time North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN seen in public on April 11. Several of the tabloids (in particular, the American The New York Post and The British Daily Mail and Express) with reference to publications in Chinese social network Weibo wrote that Kim Jong-UN died in the night of April 25, allegedly from complications after heart surgery. Other media wrote that the head of the DPRK is in a coma. The press raised questions that Kim Jong-UN for the first time the Board was not present at the celebrations on the occasion of the birthday of Kim Il sung.

According to the project, 38 North, which monitors the situation in the DPRK, the special armored train, which uses Kim Jong-UN, no later than April 21, arrived at the station near the resort city of Wonsan.

A North Korean diplomat, President of the Korean friendship Association Alejandro Cao de Benos said on 25 April that the information about the illness of Kim Jong-UN is not true.

No data on the state of health of Kim Jong-UN on the website of the state news Agency of DPRK KCNA in recent days, did not appear. The last report on the activities of the leader of North Korea dates back to April 27 – it is noted that he sent a congratulatory telegram to President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa.

The US President Donald trump said on 27 April that he knows about the health status of the head of the DPRK. “You’ll probably hear something in the not so distant future,” he told reporters.

Kim Jong Ynu 36 years. It is headed by the DPRK since 2011.