According to some reports, the complex was acquired by an American company.

Odessa Chernomorets stadium was sold for 193 million. This information was confirmed by the Duma in the guarantee Fund of deposits of physical persons.

The property complex was acquired by a foreign company (some American).

The auction took place on 22 may at the Dutch model of auction. The starting price amounted to 139 million 895 thousand hryvnias.

In addition to the football arena, hotels, fitness centers, Parking lots and other properties the buyer will receive the remaining from the bankrupt former owner of the stadium IMEXBANK requirements 40 credit contracts, in which the arena was made by collateral.

Recall the first time the stadium tried to sell in may last year over 1 billion 139 million, but in all that time there was not one who wants to acquire the property. Only 17-I attempt has been successful. It turns out that the property was sold less than 946 million 895 thousand of the original price.

Earlier it was reported that Chernomorets will reduce the salaries of players because of the crisis.

According to the materials: