This will allow shortly to resume the NBA and NHL, and conduct tennis tournaments.

The Ministry of national security of the United States has provided some professional athletes permission to enter the country,writes The New York Times.

In a statement, the Department said that foreign players in baseball, basketball, Golf, hockey and tennis, as well as their families and key employees will be allowed to enter the United States. In his quest to restore the economy, the President, the trump called the steward to resume the game.

“Professional sporting events bring much needed economic benefits, but, equally important, they bring public pride and national unity. In today’s circumstances, Americans need sports,” said Chad wolf, acting Secretary of the Department of homeland security.

In late January, the administration has banned entry into the United States to foreigners who were in China during the previous 14 days. Later, the administration imposed similar restrictions for the people of Iran and many European countries, including the UK.

American sports leagues NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS is now suspended. Tennis tournaments to be held in the U.S. in the summer, partly cancelled. However, the biggest tournament – the U.S. Open – still retains the chance to go on schedule (August 24 – September 13).

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