Belarusian became the most successful player in offline tournaments for all poker players from countries of the former USSR. He is now more than $16 million in career prize money

26-year-old Belarusian Nikita Rodakowski topped the unofficial standings of the most successful poker players of the post-Soviet countries.

Great game in the prestigious series of Poker Series high roller Triton, which recently ended in South Korea, allowed Nikita to take almost $6 million in prize money. First he took fifth place in the tournament at $125,000, and then won the Main event series with buy-rated at $255,000. This tournament was made 55 inputs, and the champion of Belarus for the win received a $5.2 million

Given that in may Rodakowski won the Main Event of the same series in Montenegro – his results this year are impressive! However, Nikita himself quite calmly reacted to the new trophy.

“This victory was the biggest in my career. At the same time, it’s nothing special,” says Rodakowski. – The biggest motivation for me is a long time desire push ourselves to the maximum capacity. We must always try to get away from any emotions so they do not affect your game. Big stack or short stack – just work with what we have. Every time you need to make a decision, you should do what you said the theory”.

Now, on account of the Belarusian high roller for over $16 million in career prize money. By this measure, he is now 28th in the world in to a reputable site Handonmob and first among players from the former Soviet Union. It is followed by Igor Kurganov, who now represents Russia (the 31st place in the world and a $15.6 million prize), and the third in this kind of ranking is the Ukrainian Eugene Katchalov (79th place in the world and $9.2 million in prize money).

Interestingly, their first official prize money in live tournaments Rodakowski won in Kiev. Eight years ago on the RPT he took fourth place in the tournament for $550 and received a $5,610.

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