Matvienko: trembita, a hundred years

Photo: tonya_matvienko / Instagram

Ukrainian singer Tonya Matvienko shared in Instagram photo, which depicted playing the trembita in the Carpathians.

“Trembita, which one hundred years,” she wrote.

Matvienko was accompanied by post-treatment to the singer Ruslana Lyzhychko.

“I did not” – she wrote.

Tremble yaky 100 years @ruslana.lyzhychko I don’t vislo * #Yaremche #Karpati #tonyatko #tanamalwila #karpaty #romanticspahotel #tonyamatvienko #tremble #ukraine #ruslana

Publication from Tonya Matka (@tonya_matvienko) July 31, 2018 at 3:52 PDT

In the Carpathians Tonya Matvienko resting together with her husband, singer Arsen Mirzoyan, whom he met on a vocal talent show “Golos Krainy”. January 15, 2016, Matviyenko second time became a mother – she gave birth to Mirzoyan’s daughter. The singer also has a daughter from his first marriage, the Mirzoyan – two children from ex-wife