So Frank follows the woman protested against the regime of self-isolation.

Spain fully Nude woman climbed onto the police car because of quarantine measures. It is reported by the tabloid Daily Mail.

A curious incident occurred in the Spanish city Torremolinos. Local
41-year-old resident, whose name is not called, was detained because of a violation of isolation.

It is noted that the Spaniard interfered with the neighbors who applauded and thanked the medical workers for their struggle with the coronavirus.

The woman was detained, but then released on bail. After she fully undressed and climbed on the police car. The police had to round up a woman with a baton and fell to the ground. It was examined by the ambulance workers.

Earlier it was reported that in Ternopil, woman were not allowed in the house of her husband, who returned from Poland. Also the correspondent wrote that the man the whole night drinking and watching porn at the supermarket.

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