Cristiano is on the Portuguese island of Madeira.

The head of the Department of health of the island of Madeira Pedro Ramos responded to training of striker Cristiano Ronaldo on the stadium of Nacional.

“I completely agree that the best player in the world needs to use its image to lead by example. Training Ronaldo was not long, therefore, none of such actions, there is no harm.

But I don’t want to simplify the situation, because we all bear responsibility for it. All the inhabitants of the Madeira have to comply with the instructions of local authorities. And those who do not comply with, unable to feel the full force of sanctions of the government”, – quotes the words of Ramos Latestly.

We will remind that 35-year-old player held a training session at the stadium in Funchal, despite the recommendations of the government not to leave home without urgent need.

To this player with a bride and children are seen on a walk around the city

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