The company management expressed confidence in the successful completion of the work.

Moderna company Inc said on Sunday that she received from the higher Management for biomedical research, USA 472 million dollars for the further development of a vaccine against the new coronavirus, reports “Voice of America”.

The U.S.-based company that manufactures the medicines, explained that the additional funding is intended to help the company in late stage clinical trials.

In April, Moderna received 483 million from Federal agencies, to provide funding for the development of medical technologies. It happened at a time when the development of an experimental vaccine was at an early stage – at the stage of tests conducted by the National institutes of health.

“Encouraged by the data obtained in the first stage, we believe that our… vaccine can help to cope with the pandemic COVID-19 pandemic and to prevent the outbreak (of the disease) in the future,” – said in a press statement made by CEO Stefan Bansal.