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Because of his own unexpected reaction to the finding of remorse, the man returned the money.

The man found in the Parking lot for four thousand dollars and surprised the network users in their response to the incident. This Reddit user with the nickname Sgarwo told on the page.

The author of the post said that he was sure that finding something valuable will not look for the owner. Finding Parking large store 4 thousand dollars, he took the find.

When the man went home, all the time looking in the rearview mirror, waiting for prosecution. He started very nervous and the “wait trick”.

Arriving home, he suddenly found himself realized that he could not leave found money. Calling the store, the man learned that she was reported missing and an elderly man. He came to the store with her granddaughter and was upset because of the loss.

Sgarwo returned the money, being branded the network a good person. Nick said that the man will be rewarded for his kindness.

Earlier it was reported that in Britain looking for the meat eaters to become vegans for the money. Also the Correspondent wrote that the miner in Tanzania is the second time I found a rock “a million”.

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