Photo: Watch online Masterchef season 8

Wednesday, September 26, on the website Корреспондент.net come the tenth episode of the cooking show Masterchef season 8.

From the start of the most popular culinary in Ukraine it’s been nine editions. During this time, the participants experienced not only their culinary skills, and the wit, erudition, ability to survive and gather in a stressful situation.

What made the judges for the remaining chefs, which tests the spirit and culinary excellence await them in the 10 edition of Masterchef season 8 will be announced at Корреспондент.net Wednesday, September 26.

But such moments of jury Dmitry Gorovenko, Tatyana Litvinova and Hector Jimenez-Bravo arranged national cooks enough.

The participants had a casting of the first team competitions. Also cooks survived the first away contest, which was held in Kiev at the hem. After the cooks prepared their dishes, they had to entice passers-by to taste and vote for their culinary masterpieces.

The first in the history of the show was a competition of black tacks. The participants had to explain their team members what they need to cook without using direct words. In another competition, the chefs had to get food and fire to cook.

Masterchef season 8 watch 10 edition online:

Not all cope with such challenges. The first left the program Michael Galaychuk. Behind him are not coped with the main course, and then from opponents to the battle of the black aprons Dmitry Kravchuk.

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