Identity is not yet established, but the mutilated body of the deceased

On the territory of mikrorajona troyeschina, in Kiev, found the body of a man who looks 45 to 50. About this on his page in Facebook reports “the Kiev operational”.

It is noted that the body shows signs of a violent death, in particular, cut off the sexual organ. Identity is not yet established, however, it looks like a wanted pedophile.

We will remind, in August of this year near Kiev, a pedophile tried to rape an eight-year girl. The suspect dragged the baby and her brother in the garden. The attacker lured the children in planting corn under the pretext that they go to the pond to bathe. There unnatural way he was trying to rape the girl and boy who have seen it all, closed mouth, that he didn’t scream.

In addition, in July, also found that 65-the summer inhabitant of Kiev has corrupted the girl “candy”. The phone pervert has been found photo of a naked child. The police asked the grandfather and grandmother of the girl. It turned out that the man is corrupting the child in 2015. And started “grooming” that an elderly man once offered candy to a child.

The survey

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Kiev Operational

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