Massacre in Afghanistan: the terrorists rush into the territory of the CIS

The United States against a

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A massacre takes place near Turkmenistan. In the Afghan province Dzhauzdan ISIS militants (banned in Russia) a sudden blow was surrounded by government troops and police. Three hundred kilometers to the West are already fighting with the Taliban (banned in Russia) – in the province of Badghis Afghan army is trying to dislodge fighters from its military base. Experts and politicians fear a terrorist rabble now easily seep into the territory of the CIS. “MK” has learned, should Russia be afraid of it and what in fact may result in the sudden intensification of armed clashes near the border with the CIS.


July 2 in the province Dzhauzdan units of the Afghan regular army and local police have been swift to attack. Jeeps with heavy machine guns and quick-firing anti-aircraft guns literally overran government forces on the flanks. It quickly became clear – the terrorists took the defenders in a tight circle. In the “pot” got 120 troops and almost the entire population of the County of Darsana.

To rescue encircled Afghan forces hastily deployed special forces. Several hundred well-equipped soldiers of the 209 th corps Afghan national army “Shaheen” and the artillery is thrown into battle with the best fighters. According to recent reports, the Afghan military with the support of armored vehicles occupied the village of Kyzyl-Kishlak, a few kilometers away from the encircled troops in Darzab.

Afghan media reported the population of Darsana suffering from shortages of food and medicine. The situation is even worse in another “cauldron”, where Afghan troops and police have suffered casualties. Medical supplies and ammunition they have on the outcome.

Another massacre, now with the Taliban (banned in Russia), turned in another border with Turkmenistan province of Badghis. The detachments of the terrorists in late June, with the battle took two local military checkpoint. After the militants went to the trick: took advantage of the truce and quickly captured a military base.

Now deployed on the commanding heights of the machine guns and the massed fire of light anti-aircraft guns to repulse do not give to the Afghan military personnel military base. Total fights: 30 Afghan soldiers and commanders killed, FORTS and fortifications in the hands of the Taliban (banned in Russia).

For the second year the radical Islamists are holding hostage almost the entire population of the border with Turkmenistan counties Darzab and Choshtepa. “Sharia law” literally decimated the local population. According to Afghan media, civilian casualties can number in the hundreds.

Since June the terrorists are trying to expand the influence of neighboring province of Faryab. There they periodically fight with the radicals of the Taliban (banned in Russia). The Afghan contingent in the situation to intervene. The fighting in the Badghis Gausden and NATO command has not commented.

Experts of “MK” are confident that the situation on the Afghan-Turkmen border destabilisateur specially USA and their allies.

Political scientist Sergei Mikheyev unequivocal conclusion: the Americans and their NATO colleagues best constantly blazing villages on the border with Turkmenistan.

They are very interested in the failure of the leadership of Turkmenistan’s neutral status. Such power shares of the States are literally forced Turkmen politicians go for closer contact in the military-strategic sphere. USA and NATO want control over this region is obvious.

And this approach works. The conflict in the Afghan-Turkmen border five or six years ago already pushed Turkmenistan to dialogue with Western countries. In 2014 the commissioners of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) “selling” the program to increase the efficiency of state bodies of Turkmenistan for the protection of its state border. To Turkmen border guards and special forces conduct training and workshops. Thus, they fall under the specific control of the West.

However, some experts in the fighting at the borders of Turkmenistan does not see any political-economic conspiracies and redistribution of territories. According to the Director of the Center for the study of the Middle East and Central Asia, Semyon Bagdasarov, the purpose of these armed “brawl” – natural gas.

Destabilization in the region would only benefit the competitors of the gas pipeline TAPI (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India. – “MK”). It is Iran and Qatar. So simple and uncomplicated way they’re trying to influence suppliers of natural gas, – said the expert.

And yet the majority of experts inclines to the version that causes the aggravation of the situation near Turkmenistan are not limited with only natural resources. If the leadership of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan will not be able to stop the Taliban and ISIL (banned in Russia), all this dirty terrorist the stream rushes into the post-Soviet space. This will certainly take advantage of the US and its NATO allies. And then not long to wait for a repeat of the Russian and Iranian nightmare: the troops of Washington’s foothold in the Caspian region. And it will be an irreparable loss to the geopolitical and economic front.