In India, the wedding ended in a mass brawl

According to the bride, which interrupted a wedding ceremony, the man “acted strangely” during the wedding vows.

In India, the woman refused to marry his chosen one after he was frightened in the storm. This writes The International Business Times.

According to the publication, the incident occurred in Bihar. During the wedding the bride refused to marry the man who allegedly “freaked out” while reciting wedding vows. It is reported that at that moment he saw the lightning strike in a nearby field, and were afraid of it.

The actions of the bride caused a protest by the relatives of the groom. It is known that the priest has managed to hold some wedding rituals. However, following the protests followed a mass brawl.

As a result, three relatives of the bride, was arrested.

Earlier it was reported that the deceived woman came to the wedding of her lover in a wedding dress.

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