Photo: Makeup for Halloween 2018 for adults and children

Just two days Ukraine will celebrate Halloween. The festival was borrowed in the culture of English speaking countries.

By 31 October prepare in advance, for example, in the US, Halloween costumes are starting to sell in August. Usually, on the eve of all saints Day parties, to which guests come dressed in costume.

Along with the outfit pick up hair, manicure and makeup. what can be makeup for Halloween how to do makeup for girls, guys and children at home.

How to make an original makeup for Halloween / photos:

Makeup for Halloween for girls

Make a beautiful makeup for Halloween at home is very difficult, but quite real. The main thing to remember is that makeup should match the chosen image. As of 31 October 2018 falls on a workday and not everyone will be able to get to the party, you will stand out by using a competent daytime makeup.

Day makeup

There is no need to draw a “scary” face, you can simply put a minimum of makeup and emphasize certain facial features. There are basically eyes and lips. From cosmetics you need: pencils for eyes and lips, eye shadow, lipstick, powder, Foundation. To highlight your eyes is possible with the help of technology smoky eyes, and arrows.

Makeup for Halloween / photos:

In the outer or inner corner of the eye for example the picture.

If the eye is not to allocate at all, it is necessary to focus on the lips. Suitable shades of lipstick from scarlet to black. With this makeup you can even show up at the office, appearance will not be screaming, but festive.

Makeup for Halloween 2018 / photo:

When at work it’s a party, let’s say easy additional figure, for example on the cheeks, temples, neck.

Makeup witch

Witch makeup / photo:

The template image on Halloween, but witches can be not only evil, but cute witches and even luxurious witch-soblaznitelnye.

To create the image of a gargoyle you can paint face with green paint and draw a black eye. The witch-hags draw a unibrow, lip color in black or dark red. Complement the image of a hooked nozzle on the nose.

To create an image of the mysterious sorceress you must master the art of makeup. For make-up at home requires a whole Arsenal of cosmetics. Highlight the eyes and lips, cheeks and eyebrows. Sometimes additional draw interesting openwork pattern on his forehead.

“Terrible” nun

Makeup nuns / photo:

In the last decades on the screens released a lot of tapes about exorcism. Often the main characters in the mystical films are nuns. That is why this image is actively exploited on Halloween. Makeup the nuns will need a white paint.

It can be artistic paint, or even regular flour, applied to the entire face. Be sure to highlight the eyes and mouth. Using paint to paint the bloody spots in the mouth.

The makeup for the zombies and the dead

The makeup for the zombies and the dead / photo:

To turn into a zombie, it is better to turn to professionals, who using face paint to create the face of a true masterpiece. Usually in zombie paint the lower part of his face, portraying instead of a mouth bared teeth.

Would look nice vertical pattern on the face, when one half remains intact or does it present a standard evening make-up.


Girl cat / photo:

The way the animals are most replicable. Become a cat for Halloween is quite simple, the main thing – the cat’s whiskers and nose, and on her head, you can wear cat ears.


Vampire makeup / photo:

The vampire will be given a red trickle at the corner of his mouth and false teeth. Not without blood-red lipstick, also the emphasis on the eyes, using the shade of pink-red-violet shades.

The space lady

Makeup for Halloween 2018 for girls / photo:

To create an image of the alien is quite possible at home, enough to make bright makeup. Used pink-purple or blue-green eye shadows, lipstick, not natural acid shades.

Humorous makeover

Humorous makeup / photo:

On Halloween do not have to look like a Scarecrow from hell. Why would not appear in a humorous manner?

Prosthetic makeup

Prosthetic makeup / photo:

This makeup is a real masterpiece of art of art. Without professional help it is very difficult to do. You need special tools for professional makeup.

Sophisticated makeup for Halloween / photos:

To create the complex make-up used:

  • paint for face painting water-based;
  • theatrical makeup based on fat;
  • art paints: watercolor, gouache.

Men’s makeup for Halloween

Men’s makeup for Halloween / photos:

Makeup for Halloween is not only girls. Men choose the way to the party with great care.

Makeup vampire

Makeup vampire photos:

To become a vampire, you need to draw red lips and a bloody drip in the corner of his mouth. With the help of special paints bleached face, eyes emit a black pencil.

Characters from box office hits

Characters from box office hits / photos:

Among men popular images of Freddy Krueger, the Joker, or clown Pennywise.

The image of the terrible maniac of dreams has been in service for several decades. The Freddy makeup can be done at home, instead of the charred skin on the face draw different sizes of squares that are shaded.

Since the release of the film about Batman, in which the role of the Joker played by Heath Ledger, to be a villain on Halloween sought by many young people. Moreover, to draw on the face of the clown a smile is not difficult.

Zombie skeleton

Zombie skeleton / photo:

The image of the zombie is the most popular among men because it does not require the purchase of special suit, but you can just dress up in rags. Makeup is not so simple, but the main element in the form of bloody stains on his pale face, you can draw yourself.

In recent years, increasingly on the party, you notice young people resembling skeletons and a way of always winning.

Makeup in the style of cosplay

Makeup in the style of the cosplay / photo:

Halloween: stylish makeover for kids

Halloween: stylish makeover for kids / photo:

Children like to copy adults, so Halloween also choose a “scary” makeup. The main assistant in creation of children’s makeup, face painting. In the selection below 7 makeup ideas for children on Halloween.

Makeup for vampire

Makeup for a vampire / photo:

Zombies from hell

Makeup for a child on Halloween 2018 / photo:

In the style of the Joker

In the style of Joker / photo:

Grim witch or magician

Grim witch or sorcerer / photo:

Dead bride

Corpse bride / photo:

Makeup to create an image of animals

Makeup to create an image of animal / photo:

Cartoon characters

Cartoon characters / pictures: