The main cause of death was the falling of trees caused by strong winds

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Seven people were killed in total in Italy due to the bad weather that swept the Apennines. This was announced on Monday, the newspaper “Messagero”.

The main cause of death was the falling of trees caused by strong winds. Most of the victims of the disaster were at the time of the incident in private vehicles.

The most difficult meteorological conditions prevailed in the Northern Veneto region, where the Governor Luca ZAIA announced the crisis. In particular, in a number of areas where the winds reached 130 km/h, more than 100 thousand people were left without electricity. In Venice, the water level rose to 156 cm with considered critical in 130 cm


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Only the highest level of danger was declared in six areas in the Northern and Central Apennines. In several major cities, including Rome, on Tuesday, as Monday will be, for security reasons, closed schools and kindergartens. In the Italian capital felled hundreds of trees.

In the Department of civil protection reported about 5 thousand operations to assist citizens across the country.

Recall that in Rome, heavy rains began last week, because of what the city was virtually paralyzed.