Lufthansa announced the cancellation of 800 flights on Tuesday, April 10, in connection with strikes at four German airports. Schedule changes will affect about 90 thousand passengers, said in a statement.

Photo: Reuters

It is reported that the trade Union of workers of sphere of services Verdi April 10, will hold strikes in Munich, Cologne, Bremen and Frankfurt am main. Verdi plans to begin protests on the eve of a new stage of tariff negotiations with employers. The company added that the protests will involve members of the security services and ground services of airports of the four cities.

“It’s completely unacceptable. Lufthansa is not a party to this conflict, but it is on us and on our customers affected by the strike,” said the personnel Manager of Lufthansa Bettina, Volkens.

The airline said customers affected by the schedule change, will be able to rebook one flight for free for the next seven days . It is noted that on April 11 flights in all directions will resume.

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