Poroshenko and trump was found 20 Jun 2017

Photo: EPA (archive)

Broadcasting Corporation BBC removed from the site paid article about the alleged meeting of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with the American leader Donald trump. About this the BBC said the “Public”.

The article was deleted, because the company is awaiting the decision of the court. The BBC believe that “acting in the public interest”, and intend to continue to “protect this thing”.

News is now available on the BBC website.

In the High court of England on 7 February held a preliminary hearing on the case, writes The London Economic.

Lawyers Poroshenko argued that “reasonable” people of the publication of the BBC concluded that Poroshenko was “guilty” of payments for a meeting with trump and therefore “serious corruption”.

Defenders of the BBC, in turn, said in the article “there is no hint that Poroshenko knew” about the payments.

Judge Matthew Nicklin stated that it will consider whether the publication to see “serious corruption” on the part of Poroshenko.

Poroshenko and trump has met on 20 June 2017 at the White house in Washington. After meeting the Ukrainian President announced that the United States supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine and support the continuation of reforms in the country. Poroshenko said that the parties have reached agreement in the field of military-technical and economic cooperation. According to trump, was “very, very good discussion, and significant progress has been made”.

May 23, 2018 this article was published, the air force, where it was reported that a senior intelligence officer from the office of the President of Ukraine said that trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen has received at least $400 thousand for the organization of meetings in the White house trump and Poroshenko. It is noted that the trump must not know about the payments.

In the administration of the President of Ukraine has called these information lies and slander. They added that such misinformation is part of campaign for discredit of the Ukrainian-American relations. In addition, AP I consider this fact a “personal attack” on the two leaders.

21 September it became known that Poroshenko sued the BBC for libel. The petition States that Poroshenko “suffered serious reputational damage, experienced significant stress and embarrassment”, the publication also caused damage to not only the image of the President of Ukraine, but its reputation as a politician and businessman. Representatives of the President of Ukraine demanding to oblige the BBC to admit the contents of this publication are false, to refrain from further publication of similar materials to compensate for the damage caused by the slander, as well as legal costs.