The cartel”, Kinahan” buying drugs in bulk from manufacturers, says the editor of “Putinism”

Photo: EPA (archive)

Discovered by the police of Cape Verde on the ship with Russian sailors of 9.5 tons of cocaine belonged to the European drug cartel who cooperates with the Russian special services, said the editor of “Putinism” Artem Kruglov in an interview with “Radio Liberty”.

“This Kinahan. This drug in Europe, is relatively new, emerged in the early 2000s. the Joint brainchild of Colombians, GRU and Irish lads. Its founder, Christy Kinahan, repeatedly convicted Irish criminal. He helps the son – Dan Kinahan. Both were living in Marbella in southern Spain, recent years moved headquarters to Dubai, in the Emirates”, he said.

According to Kruglov, “Kinahan” takes drugs in bulk from manufacturers and then deliver them to Europe and deliver the consignment to local criminal groups. Also the drug cartel is a major player in black market weapons.

“The combat power of the cartel – Irish gangsters. They are based in Dublin (Ireland) and Costa del Sol in southern Spain. There is just on the other side of Morocco, a major transit point. Themselves the leaders of the cartel, the father and the son Kinahan, live in Dubai, their personal guard – the veterans of the GRU, their Irish they trust less. As they say in the Western press, Christy Kinahan even Russian language is taught, to make it easier to communicate with colleagues”, – said the editor of the website “Putinism”.

He added that the GRU in addition to providing personal safety for the bosses of the cartel has been supplying weapons and helping them to launder money.

“In General, Maritime transportation of drugs for Kinahan do the Turks, the Turkish bandits. This is their specialty historically. I don’t think that the Russian sailors on that ship with the cartel. In Russia, a lot of merchant seamen, and there is no work here and found a job on a container ship in the South seas,” – said Kruglov.

On January 31 in Guinea-Bissau arrested the ship ESER, sailing under the Panamanian flag. On Board there are 260 bales of cocaine with a total weight 9570 lbs. the Ship was EN route from South America to Morocco, but because of the death of one of the sailors came into the port of Praia. On Board were 11 sailors of the Russian citizens.

February 2 at the Russian Embassy in Guinea-Bissau noted that the detainees are “in a state of psychological thinking of the incident”.

February 3 at the Russian Embassy in Guinea-Bissau reported that all 11 sailors taken into custody. Police Guinea-Bissau destroyed the cocaine.