Ukrainian jumper in the water yielded only to the Chinese.

The representative of Ukraine in diving Sofia Lescun in individual jumps with 10-a metre tower won the silver medal of the youth Olympic games held in Buenos-Ierase.

Sophia has successfully passed the qualification, having reached the final after eight qualifying jumps the third result. The first were the Chinese Lin Shan and Mexican Gabriel Garcia Agundez. The fourth was Malaika Kimberly Qian Ping Bong. That’s between them and went to fight for medals in the finals, since the qualifying points saved.

After the first attempt of the final four, the three leaders are actually equal, and Malaika was a good distance from her, but then nerves could not stand the Ukrainian and Mexican women, who began to make mistakes.

In the end, before the last attempt Lescun was the third, but with equal chances of ending up second and fourth. Coming second Malaika mistake, while Sofia Liskun and Gabriel Garcia Agundez performed purely their jumps. Fortunately, the Ukrainian stock enough to less than a point ahead of the Mexican.

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