In Lviv and region for the weekend will include more than 100 various celebrations and cultural events

Photo: LOG

Sunday, October 14, the Day of defender of Ukraine, in the heart of the city, Liberty Avenue will host the “March of the defenders of Ukraine”.

Part in the March which will start at 14.00, will bring together more than 1,200 soldiers from across the region, the participants of the ATO and environmental protection, veterans of the UPA, volunteers, and community organizations.

“This March is extremely important from the point of view that involved him and members of ATU, and volunteers, and the volunteers. All who come this day in the city centre will be able to feel the strength and power of our troops,” – said the Director of the Department for culture, nationalities and religion of the LOG Miroslava was Turkalo.

After a March through the streets will be a column of military equipment – more than 50 modern designs, are now available on the armament of the Land forces of the APU.

Here military armored vehicle Dozor-B, issued in Lviv, and the Ukrainian armored “Spartan” made in Kremenchug. Also on the March will present a captured T-72 tank in the course of ATO was captured by Ukrainian militaries, armored personnel carriers BTR – 4E “Bucephalus”, developed in Kharkov.

Will be shown BRDM-2DI “Khazar” – Ukrainian combat reconnaissance and patrol vehicle is produced in the city of Nikolaev. And at the head of the artillery units pass the vehicle from the complex automated control of “Obolon”, which is developer by the Lviv enterprise “LORTA”.

On Liberty Avenue will present a reactive system volley fire BM-21 “Grad”. A more powerful example of rocket artillery APU is 220-mm multiple launch rocket systems fire “Hurricane”. Also will feature self-propelled launchers tactical missile complex “Tochka-U”. Completed the action of “showing” military medical equipment.