Clubs can lose up to 129,5 million euros due to the lack of income from ticket sales.

The President of La Liga Javier Tebas met with clubs Examples and Segunda, which said that clubs should not hope for selling tickets until next year, according to AS.

The functionary discussed financial matters, but since the clubs are preparing budgets for the coming months, the main message he wanted to convey was that clubs should not rely on the host matches with the audience. According to the forecasts of La Liga, the fans will not be able to attend matches until 2021. As a result financial losses can be up to 129,5 million euros. Of this amount, 117 million will lose first division and 12.5 million the second.

However, this can be only part of the losses. In the worst case, clubs can lose 956 million, if the season resumes and 350 million if the games will return, but will be held without spectators.

In connection with the situation, the teams develop strategies that will help you save.

Earlier it was reported that La Liga will be defined with destiny of the championship until April 25.

Recall that the Example will test all players for the coronavirus before the first match after the quarantine.

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