Kiev announced the tournament, which will be held April 25 and 26.

Dynamo will hold a tournament on FIFA 20 under the name of Dynamo Kyiv Friendly Cup. The participants are players of Kiev Denis Popov, Benito, Alexander Andrievsky, Ibrahim Kargbo, Dennis Kuzyk, Vladimir Braco, Kirill Popov and cyberterrorist Vitaly Mukha.

The latter will play for Dynamo, and the players for top clubs in other leagues.

Players will be divided into two groups a and B. the first Matches will be held on April 25 from 12:00 to 14:00 between Benito (Juventus), Alexander Andrievsky (Atletico Madrid), Denis Kuzyk (Liverpool) and Cyril Popov (Barcelona).

In parallel there will pass matches of group b, which act as Denis Popov (real Madrid), Vladimir Braco (Manchester city), Ibrahim Kargbo (PSG) and Vitaly Muha (Dynamo Kyiv).

In groups the matches will be played in Best Of 1: in case of victory the player earns three points for a draw – one point, loss – zero points.

April 26 will meet the first designated groups. The match will take place at 14:50 in Best Of 2 – played two matches, the amount of which is determined by the winner, if a tie occurs, start another match and the players play to the first goal.

The participants who took the second places in groups, will meet on 26 April at 14:00.

According to the materials: