Youth lesyuk, Belkin and Zhuravok will show what they are capable.

The national team of Ukraine announced the names of athletes who will take part in the relays at the world Cup in canadian Canmore on February 8th.

In the men’s relay, which starts at 21:30 on Kiev time, Ukraine will start under 12-m number:

12-1. Pryma Artem
12-2. Sergey Semenov
12-3. Taras Lesyuk
12-4. Dmitry Pidruchny

Women will begin the relay at 23:45. Ukraine starts under 9-m number.

9-1. Yulia Zhuravok
9-2. Julia Jim
9-3. Nadezhda Belkina
9-4. Olena Pidhrushna

According to the materials: