In Venice from may 1, 2019, the tourists will have to pay a tax of 3 euros for visits to the city, and 2022, the government will introduce an advance booking.

According to The Local, the fee will be included in the price of a plane ticket, train or cruise ship, this fee will not affect those who have reserved a hotel room.

“This is the only way to count the number of people visiting Venice. No one will be permitted to visit, but those who are not informed about your arrival beforehand, life will be more difficult, ” – said the mayor Luigi Brugnaro.

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So, from may 1 Venice guests who are not going to stay the night, will pay input tax of 3 Euro, and from 1 January 2020 from 6 to 10 euros depending on the time of year.

“It’s not how much we earn. We are talking about managing the tourist flow. We don’t want Venice has become a theme Park,” explained the mayor.

Those who try to penetrate to Venice “hare”, faces a fine of EUR 450. Cost will impose throughout the city and on the Islands of the Venetian lagoon. The money collected will go to collect the rubbish left by tourists,”phony”.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, previously, the government of Bali wants to introduce a tax for foreigners in the amount of $ 10.

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