In the center of Kiev threw bombs and demanded concessions

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In Ukraine — a new revolt car drivers on avtonomera. On Wednesday their cars euroshare blocked traffic at the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as the center of Poltava. Their demands — the abolition of the decree of the Cabinet, which they call “repressionen,” the urgent consideration of relevant laws by Parliament and the establishment of the cost of customs clearance of these cars at no more than 500 euros. While the protesters said that their action is indefinite.

Tent and checkers

As in previous actions in February and April of this year, on Wednesday in the capital were about 3-4 thousand people for several thousand cars. The activists set up a makeshift stage under the Parliament and even one tent. Not done in the government quarter and without incident — in front of the Parliament the activists threw smoke bombs. From them, luckily no one was hurt.

“We demand to take until the end of the year the law on the available clearance. For example, if the car is worth 60 thousand UAH, customs clearance is in the range of 20 thousand UAH (about 500 euros),” — told us one of the leaders of the protest, Alexander Cherniavsky.

He said that the protest in Kiev drivers will until then until the law is passed. It pointed out that in their cars, we noticed a small food stocks. And also to cancel the resolution of the Cabinet, which makes it impossible evasion of customs payments: it, the recall involves around the clock access officers in the customs area at the border, and the use of cops e-base clearance.

What to do

As we found out, the next attempt to solve the problem of cars on avtonomera in Parliament today.

“We tried as soon as possible to register the bills, which would comprehensively solved the problem. Members of the Committee, we transferred the appeal to Andriy Parubiy, in which he said that on Thursday it must submit them for consideration, — told us the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on customs policy Nina Southerner. — They are talking about changes to the Customs code, which relate to the procedure for the use of foreign car registration. Also there is a speech about introduction of substantial penalties for illegal use or violation of terms of stay in the country. The most fine — UAH 170 thousand. I think that the reaction will be, because on the streets of Kiev a lot of inconvenience now.”

To this she added that, for example, the proposed excise duties on cars aged 10 years to 1 thousand euros.

“Activists say it a lot. But, for example, the clearance of the same car in Poland is two times more expensive,” adds Southerner.

We will remind, today in Parliament, except the package of bills Southerner and her colleagues on the Committee, an alternative package was the authorship of the MPs offering radically lower rates of clearance for the “avtonomerov” — all the same a maximum of 500 euros.

Avtoekspert Oleg Nazarenko believes that the proposal of the Committee can solve the current problem due to the introduction of fines for violations, but we need to reduce taxes for custom clearance:

“Must disappear, the temptation to break the law. Intermediaries who oversee this business, charge for their services up to 1600 euros. If there were such a tax, drivers would pay the money to the state, because this would get customs clearance,” — said Nazarenko.

The survey

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