Peter chase said that Ukraine does not need the money and need the Marshall for the money


Ukraine would be much better if her government realized that inside Ukraine, even in the current conditions has great potential. About it in interview to “Today,” said senior research fellow at the German Marshall Fund in Brussels, Peter chase, answering a question about the “Marshall Plan for Ukraine”.

“I first came to Brussels in 1992, and while I was here until 1996, Europe, and the US provided considerable financial assistance to Ukraine. I have no doubt that Europe, like the US, wants to see Ukraine grows, becomes prosperous, more stable and democratic – all largely in the interests of Europe and the United States. I think it understands the European leadership. But it doesn’t have to go to the “Marshall Plan,” says chase.

According to him, it is important to understand that the ability of Ukraine to growth, prosperity and strengthening of democracy is in Ukraine.

“Access to the European market this helps. But the question of good public administration, respect for property rights, the availability of a good judicial system and rule of law are necessary to achieve the ambitions of Ukraine. And this is more important than membership in the EU,” he said.

He says that during the Orange revolution in Ukraine, worked in the state Department.

“There was a feeling that the great potential of the revolution was wasted – the Ukrainian leadership does not do what Ukraine needs. Instead of focusing on the “Marshall Plan for Ukraine” from Europe, instead of focusing on EU membership, for Ukraine it would be much better if her government realized that inside Ukraine, even in the current conditions has great potential,” – said the expert.

Peter chase added that today the government of Ukraine has an important task – to create a legal framework that will allow people to use this potential.

“In fact, I believe that “Marshall Plan for Ukraine” is not very good for Ukraine. I don’t think you need the money. I think you need a “Marshall” for the money and the talent for this is in the Ukraine. So we should talk not about the “Marshall Plan” from the outside. It should be a “Marshall Plan” in Ukraine that you want to create,” he said.

The full interview with Peter chase, please visit our website: “I’m not sure, does trump the need for protection from Russia”: interview with expert at the German Marshall Fund.

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