Plastic surgeon Ivanchuk, Maxim Sergeyevich said, what is most afraid of his patients and how he helps them cope with the fear of surgery.

Most people have a serious fear of plastic surgery. It is absolutely normal, because the body shows its reaction to the upcoming stress. Some concerns about the future surgical intervention have absolutely all patients: whether it be a woman, which makes plastics for the fifth time, or a patient who came to the clinic for the first time. Plastic surgeon Maksym Ivanchuk said, what is most afraid of his patients and how he helps them cope with the fear of surgery.

The owner of the clinic of aesthetic surgery, knows from experience about the fears before surgery. In his medical center on a monthly basis carried out hundreds of surgical interventions, and not every patient is ready to go under the surgeon’s knife without any doubt. Ivanchuk, Maxim said that the fears of his clients called stories from the Internet, where patients ‘ bodies were corrupted because of the failed work of a plastic surgeon. In fact, the negative effects after surgery occur only in 1% from 100%. To advance to protect yourself from a bad result, it is necessary to apply only to the plastic surgeons, who have behind shoulders a sufficient experience in the field of aesthetic surgery.

Ivanchuk Maksim Sergeevich most common concerns of patients

Reviews of Maxim Ivanchuk, you can often find the comments of women who really want to do the surgery, but stopping them is fear. So, often they are afraid that in time something can go wrong. Example: the surgeon’s hand tremble, and he touches the vital organs; the patient will fall much pressure and it will revive. According to Maxim Sergeyevich, these fears are quite justified, but it is worth remembering that plastic surgeons carry out many daily transactions and know exactly how to behave in case of emergency situations.

The doctor said that some patients are afraid of anesthesia, because they can’t predict how she will react body. Some fear that the drugs will kick in very strongly and people will not be able to Wake up, others on the contrary believe that the doctors put it in too small a dose, because of which the patient wakes up during surgery. Ivanchuk Maxime explained that such cases should not be afraid, because the anesthesia professional anesthesiologists who know the exact dosage of a substance and understand how much you need to allocate a drug to a specific patient.

According to a plastic surgeon to get rid of fears and doubts, it is best to conduct a lengthy dialogue with your doctor. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are interested in something. It is better to discuss sensitive aspects, to leave fear in the past. Maxim Osipov also said that most of the doubt comes from the patient from lack of information. It therefore recommends that all its customers to see the verified information about the type of operation and to trust only in facts, not fictions and fantasies from the provocative media.



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