In Russian-occupied Crimea in the city of Alushta had a mishap with the products. A local resident complained on damaged goods purchased in one of the shops.

The incident drew the attention of the blogger RoksolanaToday&the Crimea on Twitter. She brought a photo-proof.

Thus, it should be noted that the stew with “hairy surprise” is called “Kaliningrad beef” that allows you to assume its Russian production.

“Today I bought stew “Kaliningrad beef,” and you know what? There lies here it is (something hairy),” — said a local resident.

The blogger jokingly suggested that Kaliningrad live hairy cows. In the comments a troubled situation and recognized the disgusting look of the product.

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“Nice”, “Oh fucking why did I look, Pig dog horns and hoofs”, “Skin head cow. I such pruning sabaki took” “I think “it” someone has eaten “Braised scalp Kaliningrad bum”, “How you have to be a moron to buy canned meat in principle,” wrote the user.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, in the Crimea, the sauces are sold at home shopping “Products of Donbass” with the marking of the Donetsk region, city Makeevka, Ukraine.

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