The Nativity of the blessed virgin, the great Orthodox Christian holiday. On this day people observe a number of customs and traditions.

In Ukraine, 21 September is celebrated the great Christian Orthodox holiday – the Nativity of the blessed virgin. The birthday of the virgin Mary it is customary to observe certain customs and traditions. There are also certain beliefs associated with this important holiday.

Made that day to hold services in the high tone as on Christmas or Easter.

It is believed that on this day man must ask the virgin Mary about the secret and she would help him. Especially important on this day to pray for childless couples birth of a child.

Also this day is spent in fasting, believers can afford to eat a full meal.

Earlier this holiday was taken to walk-in guests. While guests were treated generously, because people believed – the more dishes will be on the table, the better the next harvest.

There is also a separate sign for women – according to the beliefs, the earlier in the day she feeds, the longer it will retain youth and beauty.

It was customary to pour on the threshold of children water to health have been better.

For girls in this day there is a special omen for marriage – if before sunrise she will wash, but this year it let him marry.

This festival is also popularly called the second most pure, because of the assumption celebrated on August 28, and the third will be 4 Dec.

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