Photo: “Office cat SBU” became a star Network

The animal got on the photo during the special operation the security Service of Ukraine, which could not be noted by the users of the Network.

White cat became a star Network, once on the together with a representative of the SBU during the performance of duties. Photo appeared on the official website of the security Service of Ukraine in Facebook.

The picture shows that intelligence officer examines the contents of the purse, laying it before him on the ground. Nearby are witnesses, which can be seen only from the waist up. The face of the employee of SBU and apparently the detainee blurred.

Facing camera is located white cat, which is closely watching what is happening. The Network reacted immediately to the animal. Users noted that “the personality of the cat burned” not blurring his face.

So bi Bulo better

— Pediaprofen (@Wishius) September 20, 2018

Then in the comments to the post came “right” photo on Twitter and a lot of comments about the cat service of the SBU.

On the eve of America cat framed host, bringing home a package of cocaine. Also the correspondent wrote that on the shores of New Zealand found a giant pulsating creature

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