The woman gave birth to a healthy boy named Philip


A resident of Vinnytsia Alena Babich had to give birth under the walls of the hospital, which was closed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The doctor has not warned the woman about it, reports the newspaper “33rd channel”.

“June 28 in the morning I started having light contractions. Did not aim to go to the hospital because he had experience the previous birth, when he had to wait long. At about three o’clock the contractions became stronger. After an hour husband Peter drove me to the hospital №1. While parked the car and carried the bags, I stood at the entrance and pressed the buzzer. But no one answered, the doors are closed,” the woman said.

At this point, the contractions became very painful, so Babich decided to give birth right on the spot – it is located on the table for construction work, located under the walls of the building. Birth in woman took her husband.

“When there was a head, the process is somehow stalled. Within seconds the kid from red became blue, then turned black. Vladimir (the name of the husband of the woman. – “GORDON”) is not confused, gently took the child by the shoulder and he was on his hands. Fortunately, just cried and was breathing independently,” – said the puerpera.

Ten minutes later it went to the employees of the hospital – they were surprised that the couple came here to give birth, as the school was closed because COVID-19.

“I replied that I did not know this and the doctor who conducted me, said nothing. After that I still took in the room, cut the umbilical cord, the placenta seized and rendered assistance,” said the woman.

Babich said it has no plans to complain about the hospital or its employees. She also added that the baby was okay, she had a boy, named Philip.

According to the July 15, in Ukraine was 55 607 cases of coronavirus infection. Died 1427 in patients with COVID-19, recovered 28 131 patients.