During laboratory experiments it was stopped infecting healthy cells in 100% of cases.

Scientists of California biotechnology company Sorrento Therapeutics, it seems, are closer crept to the development of drugs that can effectively resist the coronavirus infection. They said they found the antibody, completely blocking COVID-19, Fox News reports.

During laboratory experiments it stopped the infection with coronavirus healthy cells in 100% of cases. STI-1499 – it is a mix of a dozen antibody – a protein contained in blood plasma, which allocate the cells of the immune system designed to neutralize pathogens. Antibodies taken from the blood plasma of recovered patients.

A cocktail of antibodies acts as a protective shield for healthy cells. It blocks the virus from approach to healthy cells to ingress through the thorns.

Our if antibody coats the virus and removes it from the body, – says CEO of Sorrento Therapeutics Henry JI</b>. When the antibody prevents the penetration of the virus into the human cell, the pathogen can not survive. If he can’t get into the cell, then the cell cannot reproduce. And in the end dies.

The development of antibodies for medicinal drug against the coronavirus is now held in several U.S. laboratories, including the Medical school mount Sinai hospital In new York. Specialists Sorrento Therapeutics plans to merge their practices.

The biotech company said can produce up to 200 thousand medicinal doses a month. It is possible that the drug against coronavirus may appear before the vaccine.

Sorrento Therapeutics has applied to the Department for control over products and medicines of the USA for approval and receiving Express license to produce the drug, but while the answer have not received. It is possible that such delay is due to the fact that the clinical testing of the antibodies was solely under laboratory conditions, not real – it was not tested on people suffering from coronavirus.