In an unusual video presents four types of spacecraft.

In the network appeared the stunningly realistic animation that illustrates what happens inside the rocket during launch and when separated stage, writes

There are four types of spacecraft. From left to right:

The Saturn V super-heavy camera from USA, used by NASA between 1967 and 1973;

The NASA space Shuttle, which completed its work in 2011;

Falcon Heavy super-heavy vehicle from SpaceX;

Space launch system SLS rocket, the future of NASA and space “Elevator”, established in 2011.

The colors in the video to indicate different types of fuel:

Red — highly purified kerosene RP-1, similar to jet fuel;

Orange liquid hydrogen (LH2), a common rocket fuel used by NASA. Hydrogen first to cool the rocket nozzle and then ignited oxidizer;

Blue — liquid diatomic oxygen (LOX) is the oxidizer for liquid hydrogen in rockets.

Despite the fact that the Falcon Heavy from SpaceX, and the Saturn V used an improved version of kerosene on the first stage burning of fuel harms the environment. Released into the atmosphere huge amounts of carbon dioxide. Mixing hydrogen and oxygen to produce energy and water is a promising alternative to kerosene. The difficulty is that the density of liquid hydrogen is low. This leads to an increase of the volume of the fuel compartment. At NASA, the problem is temporarily bypassed, providing a rocket with two additional boosters on the sides of the hull.