In the United States is concerned about the activities of a number of Ukrainian nationalist organizations and the lack of reaction to violence

Photo: EPA

Bureau of democracy, human rights and labor, U.S. Department of State report on human rights in Ukraine, published on the Agency’s website on 13 March, called the organization C14, “national building” and a number of other nationalist organizations as “hate groups”.

“During the 2018 human rights organizations have expressed growing concern about the increasing number of nationalist “hate groups” who commit violent attacks on ethnic minorities (especially Roma), representatives of the LGBT, feminist and other persons, whom they consider “non-Ukrainians” or “antiukraintsy”, – the document says.

To illustrate, the cases of attacks by nationalists on the Roma encampments in Kiev, on the outskirts of Lviv, in Ternopil, Beregovo, Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Zolotonosha, attacks on participants of public events of the LGBT community in Uzhgorod, Lviv and Kiev. Group “Sober and angry youth” attacked the Gypsy camp in the suburbs of Lviv, in the Bureau of democracy, human rights and labor attributed to a neo-Nazi.

The police detained the attackers, but the charges often were not filed, said the authors of the report.

“The failure of the police and prosecutors to prevent these acts of violence, properly classify them as crimes of hate and to investigate effectively created an atmosphere of impunity and lack of justice for victims”, – stated in the materials the U.S. state Department.

It is also noted that sometimes governments provide grants or collaborated with “hate groups”. So, in June of 2018, the Ministry of youth and sports of Ukraine announced the allocation of C14 440 thousand UAH for youth summer camp. In addition, C14 and other groups entered into a formal agreement with the municipal authorities to form patrol units to ensure public safety, said in the state Department.