Dancer, on the testimony which the anti-Berlusconi expected the Prosecutor’s office, died of poisoning by radioactive substances. Italian media are reminded about the Litvinenko case, although not directly relates the incident with Russia.

Iman Fadil. Photo: Facebook / Imane Fadil

According to preliminary data, the death of a Moroccan dancer Iman Fadil, a witness in the case against ex-Premier Silvio Berlusconi, was caused by poisoning “with a mixture of radioactive substances”. It is reported by the Italian news Agency ANSA, citing the statements of the Prosecutor’s office of Italy.

In 2013, Berlusconi was sentenced to seven years in prison for having sex with an underage prostitute Karima al-Marug nicknamed ruby. Partying with prostitutes, Berlusconi staged in a private Villa just outside Milano. In 2014, protection ex-the Prime Minister has made the abolition of the sentence, but the Prosecutor’s office began a new investigation . This time, Berlusconi was accused of bribing key witnesses for perjury.

Iman Fadil was one of the witnesses of the new case. According to The Times, Fadil had to testify at the trial that the former Prime Minister of Italy paid large sums of money for the silence of the women who worked at parties in his Villa just outside Milano. Also he was paying for silence and the party guests. According to investigators, for this purpose, Berlusconi spent €10 million.

However, on January 29 Fadil hospitalized. Soon she was in intensive care. According to doctors, she was in great pain, she observed symptoms of organ failure. 1 Mar 34-year-old woman died.

A consequence seized all medical documentation and have made of the Toxicological examination. The results of the examination was received on 6 March. The cause of death as experts have established, could be poisoning “with a mixture of radioactive substances”. La Repubblica writes that one of the components of the mixture, a radioactive isotope of cobalt, also in cases of poisoning, we used two other substances. The publication indicates that “a rare blend, in the manufacture of which the Russians are experts,” but does not connect this incident directly with Russia.

Other publications called the history of the detective and hint at the “Russian trace”, and also think about the Litvinenko case. In 2006, from poisoning with radioactive polonium-210 and died living in London eks-the employee of FSB Alexander Litvinenko. According to British authorities, the organizers of the murder could be the Russian intelligence services and current state Duma Deputy Andrei Lugovoi.

Milan Prosecutor Francesco Greco said that Fadil feared attempts on his life. That it can poison the woman said to her relatives and lawyers.

In early March it became known that the Prosecutor’s office of Rome suspected Berlusconi of bribing judges in the case of financial fraud with shares of the Bank Mediolanum. The suspects have also become the judge-Rapporteur, a lawyer and former employee of the government Palace Chigi. During searches from the last found €250 thousand in cash, as well as copies of the decisions of the state Council. According to the Agency, among them was a draft decision on Berlusconi to sell the shares.