The Russians told about his “right to respond” for us sanctions

Photo: archive

The Russian foreign Ministry’s invasion of Ukraine has called a “false pretext” for the extension of sanctions against Russia from the US and also stated that it reserves the “right of reply”.

This is referred to the comments of Russian diplomats.

“Continuing attempts to put pressure on our country, the United States imposed additional sanctions against several Russian citizens and companies under the false pretext of Russian involvement in the Ukrainian crisis,” – said in a statement.

While the Russians believe that “Washington can’t get rid of the illusion that we can scare denials of U.S. visas or trade restrictions, to force him to give up independent policy in the international arena, from defending their national interests.”

It is noted that, if the US authorities prefer to break off economic and other ties with Russia, “it is their right, as we reserve the right to answer.”

“However, the Washington strategists time to think, that meaningless sanctions campaign which has not given and will not give them any results and will only lead to financial losses for American business, they demonstrate to the whole world of their own helplessness. And, of course, will not be able to hide their role in the Maidan coup in Kiev and inciting civil war in Ukraine”, – said in the Kremlin.