The words of Viatrovych about the use by the Kremlin of the legendary singers and writers caused a huge resonance

Photo from open sources

Statement by the Director of the Institute of National memory Vladimir Vyatrovich that The Kremlin is using the legendary writers and musicians – Tsoi, Vysotsky, Bulgakov and others, as the “tentacles of the Russian world” has caused a huge resonance in the network.

Commentators have divided into two camps: some protect favorite singers and writers, and others – actively supported the words of the Ukrainian historian. The website “Today” has collected the most revealing and interesting comments.

So, in support of Viatrovych expressed MP Nikolay Knyazhitsky in his Facebook said – not a single bad word about Vysotsky, neither Choi was not written, and it was about using them as Kremlin propaganda.

Also your post in support of Viatrovych wrote a famous publicist Vitaly Portnikov.

Supported the words of the historian and the ordinary Ukrainians.