Car was set on fire in DAC 4.17 13 Jun

Photo: Stan DAC / Facebook

In the Carpathians burned the car of the former first Deputy mayor of Uzhgorod Stephen DAC, he reported about it in Facebook on June 13.


Posted by Іштван Цап on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

“When you interfere with the system and you can’t buy – you’re being bullied, persecuted for fabricated criminal cases, discrediting, poison via corrupt spokesmen, trying to put behind bars, suspended dozens of times from the post, some times illegally fired. Vile and terrible system does not tolerate people who, in spite of everything, stand firmly on their positions. And then the course is dirty-bandit”, – he wrote.

Коли ти заважаєш системі і тебе не можуть купити – тебе залякують, переслідують надуманними кримінальними справами,…

Posted by Іштван Цап on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

On the website of the police of the Transcarpathian region reports that an anonymous message on ignition of the car militiamen received in 4.17.

On the scene, the police seized evidence.

Militiamen opened criminal proceedings under part 2 of article 194 (intentional destruction of property by arson) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

In early 2017 DAC was suspected of extortion of a bribe of 40 thousand UAH for the permission for privatization of land. In February the court of Appeal of Transcarpathian region decided on custody of the DAC with the alternative collateral in the amount of 240 thousand UAH. DAC made bail and was released from prison. At the same session of the Uzhgorod city Council abolished the post of first Deputy mayor.

In the same year, unknown persons tried to burn the car of the DAC, but the attempt failed, according to