Musievske field – the only in Ukraine, which has proven reserves of gold

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The information that the British company Gofer Mining PLC is involved in raider capture of the enterprise for the development of polymetallic ores in the Carpathians, is not true. On this edition of “GORDON” said the Director, the Manager of operations in Ukraine Gofer Mining PLC Alexander Mastapa.

On 12 June, the company Avellana Gold said that in may 2019 of the person representing the company BVI Cengart Financial Inc., – Alexander Mustapa, Dmitri Zaitsev and Vladimir Gurtovoy – began to publicly claim that they are investors Muravskaja field, but there are actually more than a year working Avellana Gold. The company added that Cengart Financial Inc. the number of founder Gofer Mining PLC.

In Gofer Mining PLC has responded to this information stating that Gold Avellana registered in Cyprus and associated with members of the former government of Ukraine.

“It is those individuals at the time and were associated with the bankruptcy and theft of property of the state company “LLC “Zakarpatpolimetally”. According to the facts law enforcement bodies of Ukraine is investigating criminal proceedings, what you can see in the Unified registry of court decisions. From public sources of information, register of court decisions, information, criminal cases it is known that the property of LLC “Zakarpatpolimetally” was illegally sold to the “Carpathian mining company”. The court recognized such a sale is invalid, the process of return of property. Judicial decisions were returned to the debtor’s other assets, the processing of which said today Avellana Gold Ltd.”, – said in a statement.

In addition, in the framework of the criminal case which is in court, it was determined that the application is “Carpathian ore company” the damage and losses of the LLC “Zakarpatpolimetally” in the amount of 11 million UAH, says Mustapa.

“Unfortunately, in recent years, our company has faced with information attacks and the spread of outright false information in the media and some bloggers. All this is organized by the Ukrainian-Russian mafia, which actually took the field,” he added.

Mustapa said that Gofer Mining PLC legally became an investor LLC “Zakarpatpolimetally”. The company wants to invest in the extraction of polymetallic ores in the Carpathians 250 million pounds.

Musievske field – the only in Ukraine, which has proven reserves of gold.